Rosebud prevent bowel cancer

Every day we hear some one suffer from some fatal disease. There are many people who have already lost their lives. Increase on every thing is dangerous to health, the way we access any thing is the major problem in some of the diseases like excess use of Smartphone causes our eye sight weaker, excess of eating junk food causes increase in Cholesterol or Obesity etc. We all should try to take care of our health and examine them with full body test at the end of every year. Some of the diseases are still not completely curable, in that list it's Cancer on top. No technology has been developed till now, to cure it completely. If found in early stages, the part infected or where the tumor is present is operated. Some get unlucky in detection it at early age, hence leading to chances of death increases. Chemotherapy is one of the common and the only treatment to help the Cancer patients cure.


Its a non-surgical procedure, used to examine the functions of the digestive tract of human body. This technique is used to see the internal parts of our body using a flexible cord containing camera and light. It helps in the detection of the part infected without even operating. Every country is doing there best to cure people from Cancer. Rosebud in Australia has majority of people suffering from Bowel Cancer. It usually occurs when an abnormal tissue grows i.e. Polyp. In bowel cancer, Cancerous Cells are developed in the large intestine and sometimes even the rectum is infected. There are some statistics which shows that in Rosebud 14,000 people were cured from Bowel Cancer in 2015. Majority of the population in Rosebud is infected from these types of cancer. The Australian Government Department of Health has taken several steps to tackle these types of Cancer.

Conclusion: To Heal

We all love our loved ones, it's hard to lose them through these types of diseases. Seeing some one die, suffering from Cancer is very painful. We all should try to aware about these types of diseases in our society, persons in the age group of 50 and above are more prone to these Bowel Cancer. Sometimes it's detected when there is blood coming from rectum, and sometimes it don't. So let's take care of the people who are not having knowledge about these types of Cancer.

Lets join our hands and pledge to take care of the Society.

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