Rosebud bowel cancer causes

Bowel cancer is one of the most common and consequently, one of the highest causes of death in Rosebud. One of the possible causes of bowel cancer is following a red meat diet and it is recommended to eat a high fibre, fish based diet to reduce this. The study at Loma Linda University, funded by the National Cancer Institute and the World Cancer Research Fund, followed 70,000 Seventh Day Adventists (Christian church which imposes strict lifestyle and dietary requirements on its followers), and concluded that those who followed a vegetarian diet-especially pescetarian-had a reduced risk of having bowel cancer than those who followed a meat-based diet. Cancer prevention organisations also advocate a diet rich in fibre, drink plenty of water and reduce alcohol, smoking, coffee and fat intake.

The study broadly concluded that a pescetarian diet could prevent bowel cancer it is worth noting that the research has some potential errors. It was helpful that over 80,000 participants took part in the study although the university involved was founded by the Seventh Day Adventists. The majority of the participants were in their 50s and the food questionnaires were partially complete. This meant that the data provided was inaccurate. It is also worth noting that the participant's diets were analysed at the start of the study so there is uncertainty as to whether these changed or whether they left the church altogether.

In a majority of the cases, it's found that the age of the bowel cancer victim is above 45 years. It causes mainly to the alcoholic drunker, smoker. There are also many causes those are inflammation and obesity. Routine screening should begin at age 45. Although there are published screening guidelines, colonoscopies are usually performed in clinical practice in place of sigmoidoscopy. But sigmoidoscopy may mistake up to 50% of accuracy. The primary major primary step is to accomplish the process of sigmoidoscopy and then opt for the next one. After getting any positive result should be followed by a colonoscopy. Physical examination is usually followed in early colorectal cancer. In advanced colorectal or bowel cancer shows bowel obstruction, hepatomegaly, or ascites.

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